ONTRACK SUBURBS / VOL NO. 3; ISSUE 23 / JULY 21, 2002 - JULY 27, 2002



Fitness freaks face fatal fallouts !

Soumitra Bose, Andheri

Nineteen - year -old Sharmee has lost one vital year of her career. She is bedridden for the last couple of months after developing a nasty slip disc. And, that is not all! In yet another tragic incident in the town, a thirty seven year old collapsed after returning from his health club. Even a reputed Physiotherapist from Juhu, is ready to crack the whip on these burgeoning health clubs and gyms, unable to support the unethical and amateurish approach that these health clubs generally have and in many ways than one are perhaps more detrimental to a member's health than beneficial as they claim to be in their ostentatious promotions.

Thanks to the media and the maniacs, health club, physical work out, trendy up market gym, aerobics and several such activities, have of late become household names today. The present scenario suddenly witnessed a spurt in the mushrooming health spas and the health clubs, that ineluctably brought in its wake the nee of the physical trainers and again that in turn prompted the popping up of innumerable Physical Trainers' institutes in a spate within a very short time.


These institutions began conducting short courses of  3 - 6 months and churning out half-baked physical trainers. So these unqualified amateurish approach and inadequate knowledge of the whole subject make matters worse in some cases and misguide unaware members to a length where they can face traumatic outcomes of their erratic physical training sessions which at times may be marred with several flaws and inconsistencies.


Sharmee Bhuta lost one academic year after she suffered a slip disc when she joined a weight loss program in a reputed Gym


Like, Sharmee Bhuta 19,  a SY student and a former member of the Talwalkars, developed a slip disc while undergoing her weight loss programmes at the club. Dr. Harshada Rajadhyaksha Physical Therapist and specialist in Rehabilitation medicines made a vital point while criticizing such casual approach to a matter of grave importance, "These gyms and fitness classes employ people who are either good looking as trainers for the weight loss programmes or a macho guy to instruct the male members. They seldom go for qualified or experienced ones !"


Another reputed Physiotherapist, Dr. Rupa Doshi, commented that " It is very imperative for anybody to tone up one's muscles first, take a very professional advice from  qualified Physio and then only one should go for these trainings and that too, after taking one's age, sex, nature of profession, past history into consideration, be it for weight loss or weight gain.


Exercise is a life long process, don't try to change things overnight !" She also added, "Protein should be always taken in its natural form and not chemically. That can damage one's kidneys or lungs!" Dr. Vipul Chevda, a consulting Physical Therapist who is also associated with the Mumbai Cricket association, also raised similar alarms.


Whereas some of the qualified doctors and the Physiotherapist believe that the health clubs are just another option to mint money while misguiding the unaware public, Talib Khatri, director of Zaf, however, counters the view, "For us here it is a passion. We have full medical unit here to support our programmes. It's first of its kind in India!"


Another qualified Nutritionist, Dr. Nandita Ambavane said, "I think one should advice therapeutic diet only. Abruptly withdrawing from natural diet can affect health adversely !" A former Miss World turned actress is reported to have developed a similar agonizing multiple fractures in her forearm due to excessive dieting. These works of wisdom from some of the experts in the orthopedic field who deal with physical fitness and related complications over a considerable period of time certainly hold the answer for some of the mishaps which have come to our notice in the recent past. Perhaps, these damaging outcomes are the fallouts of the trendiest craze in the city. But, in an insane drive to look good and attractive what are we exactly inviting for us is a grave future with a damaged limb or other serious complications sabotaging our happiness for ever !

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