After gaining vast experience in the field of manufacturing hydraulics cylinders, pneumatic control valves and cylinders, continuous R&D enabled us to enter into the world of Fitness in the year 1989 with rowers in the name of EXER-ROW primarily for home gym for the first time in India by Fluid-Tech Fitness ,(founder and Managing Director,  Mr. P. S. Luthra). There after we gained a very good recognition as the best product available in the market. After seeing the demand and appreciation from our customers and dealers in India and abroad we have further developed other range of products for personal use i.e. EXER-CYCLE Machine and EXER-STEP Stepping Machine. Then in 1997  we launched for the first time in India EXER-KING The Total Power, hydraulic multigym and have further developed 30 minutes workout gym with EXER-GYM Range, SLIMLINE Standard Range, SLIMLINE Laser Range and KIDZ range of Hydraulic Fitness Equipment, which are available for franchisees to start their own 30 minutes circuit training fitness center.


There are quiet a few USPs of the products to start of with their functionality which is Hydraulic exercise resistance which is a different form of resistance that uses hydraulic pistons to provide resistance instead of weight, so making it self adjusting & 100% safe on account of the hydraulic cylinders. Another USP is since there is resistance on both the push and pull side of each exercise, each piece of exercise equipment is therefore two different opposing muscle groups working almost simultaneously! This is good for the user because you get a well-balanced workout, increase the cardiovascular component of the workout, and cut time in the gym to half.  Itís good for the gym owner since they have to buy half as many machines, or they can now accommodate twice as many users for the same price. Secondly these are quality products, our equipments are the best than any other hydraulic fitness equipment manufacturer as we have zero tolerance quality policy, are suitable for any working conditions, for robust use and for those who want maximum value for their money. We are the only manufacturers in India making the fitness equipments on Hydraulics i.e. no weights, pulleys etc which is the technology used in USA and UK in most of the fitness centers.


Prominent doctors have approved all our products and have received appreciation from various hospitals, defence personnels, dealers and customers in respect to quality and performance.


With the present generation of fitness equipment enthusiasts, it is not hard alone, but extremely challenging to be able to meet with fitness equipment dreams of our valued customers that saves time and is effective to improve lifestyle. Our effort in continuous research and development are yielding good results to meet the demand of future fitness needs.


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