THE FRANCHISING WORLD - AUGUST 2010 - Pg. 62 - By Yamini Sunwar


Market size :

In INDIA, the fitness equipment industry is witnessing a significant growth with large number of people becoming health and fitness conscious. With mushrooming of gyms and health centres, the fitness equipment industry is flourishing by leaps and bounds.


Retail insight :

About the scope of the fitness equipment industry in retail in India, P S Luthra, Managing Director of Fluid-Tech says : "With a growing demand for health and fitness equipment, we have developed a huge range of products for personal use, including EXER-CYCLE Machine, EXER-STEP Stepping Machine, EXER-KING The Total Power, hydraulic multigym and 30 minutes workout gym with EXER-GYM Range, SLIMLINE Standard Range, SLIMLINE Laser Range and KIDZ range of hydraulic fitness equipment, which we are planning to expand via franchising"


"Prominent doctors have approved all our products and these products have received appreciation from various hospitals, defence personnel, dealers and customers with respect to quality and performance," he adds.


Brand tie-ups :

Fluid-Tech, Cardiomed and other brands help companies install fitness equipment on their premises. Fluid-Tech operates with a strong dealer network.



Training and support :

Some of the brands provide regular support and training for their dealers, franchisees and distributors. Brands offer support to their franchise partners for advertising and activities related to public relations. For instance, Fluid-Tech advises their franchisees to recruit local staff and also provides for an experienced fitness trainer who reaches the fitness centre of the franchisee and trains the staff there starting off the business on the right foot.


Expansion plans and requisites:

About their expansion plans, MD of Fluid-Tech says: "We have been planning to expand via the franchise route for a long time. However, we are yet to start any centre. We aim to target Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad among the metros and Pune and Chandigarh among the Tier I cities."


To offer its franchise, Fluid-Tech looks for a franchisee with a passion for fitness. To attain the brand's franchise, the franchisee needs an initial investment of Rs. 18-20 lakh and an area of 800 - 1000 sq. ft. for a 30-minute fitness centre.



According to Luthra, the ROI of the franchise is expected to be Rs. 1,50,000/- plus per month, after deducting Rs. 50,000/- as operating expenses for the month, while the break-even is expected in one and a half to two years.


Just as dogged determination and knowledge of right techniques for performing physical exercises are needed to stay fit and healthy, the retail business of fitness equipment also requires a right approach. Alongwith keeping you in good shape, the business of fitness equipment can fetch you great profit in the long run.



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