Why ZION FITNESS is your right choice
Owing a business is big decision. As you consider options, here are four factors that make _________fitness a very attractive scheme :
We are in the right industry
We are the right concept
We are the right player
We are the right price

Its the right type of equipment that makes a fitness franchise successful. And in 30-minute circuit training with Hydraulic Fitness equipment, Hydraulic cylinders are the heart of the machines.


We are the indigenous manufacturers of Hydraulic Cylinders for fitness equipment in INDIA since 1989, and they can be used even for most robust use. 


What other manufactures claim to have Hydraulic cylinders in their equipment but they are actually Automobile Shock Absorbers




* Self - Adjustable Hydraulic Cylinders used in SLIMLINE Range with ball joint rod ends, for both  speed and resistance (six levels resistance settings ranging from 0 - 5)


* Designed, developed and manufactured indigenously by us.


* Smooth, safe, no-impact resistance.


* Push / pull action works like 2-machine in-1.


* Durable, maintenance free Hydraulic cylinders.


* The use of two cylinders in most stations allows the resistance to be varied between two exercising muscle groups. This allows more resistance to be used, where the user has better leverage and consequently the workout is greater and calorie burn will be greater.


* Double-positive-resistance eliminates muscles soreness.


* Resistance variable (0 - 5) by the twist (clockwise / anti-clockwise) of the control knob provided on the Hydraulic cylinders.


Why our self-adjusting Hydraulic cylinders are better than shock absorbers:


Our Hydraulic cylinders are designed perfectly for continuous working and can withstand the heat generated as it is made very preciously and with right material.


These self-adjusting hydraulic cylinders are manufactured indigenously by us, which are used on fitness equipment only and they automatically and continuously adjusts to the output of the user every time the person uses the equipment. Apart from this, our cylinders are having 6 independent resistance settings, to adjust resistance level and are suitable for any working conditions. Our cylinders are designed perfectly for continuous working, even for most robust use.



Our hydraulic cylinders for SLIMLINE range are interchangeable in all machines i.e. in SLIMLINE Standard Series and SLIMLINE Laser Series. 


We give warranty of 18 months on our Hydraulic Cylinders (of course on the complete machine). 


Kindly note that automobile shocks are designed for small stroke i.e. may be 1" or 2" maximum and that also requirement of shaft movement is once in 5 minutes and vehicle driving time is again, maximum 1 hour per day i.e. average (in India, stroke movement / utilization in the shocks may be once in 1 minute i.e. because of bad road conditions). Therefore it fails faster in India than any where else in the world.


Because of low frequency in automobile application, heat generation is less in shock absorber, But when the same shock absorbers are used on fitness equipment then heat generation is very high (because of full stroke length) which will spoil the seals if used continuously / non stop for 20-30 minutes with 15-20 strokes per minute. 


Apart from the low life of automobile shock absorbers, there is only one setting for both side movement i.e. you can't have aerobic benefits with these type of equipments and in our case you can have one side free and one side resistance, which is a must to get Aerobic benefits. 


Some of the imported equipments are having single cylinders with single setting for both side movement. Anything goes wrong with the cylinder then the complete machine can't be used.  In our case we have two cylinders to control both side movement independently (in most of our machines). In case anything goes wrong with one cylinder still the machine can be used with the second cylinder. e.g. in SHOULDER PRESS / LAT PULL machine - for any reason cylinder of Lat pull fails still you can use the machine for Shoulder Press or vice-versa.

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